Mountain Biking in Tucson, AZ

Beautiful weather and amazing trails! Glenn and I spent the last week attending a Self Organized Off Road Tandem Adventure (S.O.O.R.T.A) event.

Riders from New Hampshire to California converged on Tucson MLK weekend to reconnect, make new friends, and tandem mountain bike ride.

We rode the following trails: Honey Bee Canyon Loop, Fantasy Island, McKenzie Ranch, and Sweetwater. We also attempted Gabe Zimmerman Canyon over Pistol Point, but turned around approximately 3 miles in for fear we were getting in over our heads with the chunky rocks, boulders and cactus. (Routes can be found on MTB Project.)

The cactus have a way of jumping on you and sticking you if you are not on the top of your game. There is not a lot of room for error in the desert!

Looking for a place to eat? Try Saguaro Corner, just outside the entrance to Saguaro National Park or Hot Rods Old Vail.

Each day we came across local riders enjoying the trails. The Sonoran Dessert Mountain Bicyclists is also a group to contact when in the area. They were very friendly and willing to give guidance as needed.

We will definitely return to enjoy more desert riding!



Purchased in October 1991 and sold in April 2018.Purchased in November 2017 and moved in full time in April 2018.

When we moved to Texas in 1991 we purchased our first and only house. It was a house we never dreamed we could of afforded. We loved our home, beautiful backyard and all the Sunday dinners we hosted for family and friends. But, the desire to seek adventures, ride our bicycles, hike and hang out with other actively minded people,while young and healthy, drove our decision to retire.

We got rid of everything we didn’t need so we could live in the 5th wheel! Between giving our kids first dibs, making donations to St. Vincent DePaul, and using Facebook Marketplace, it all went.

I believe people wait too long to retire and then they don’t have the health, energy or stamina to do what they dreamed of doing. Others don’t retire because they don’t know what they would do with their time. Glenn and I have similar interests and are truly best friends.

Sure, we will need to watch the budget, but we don’t need expensive trips and expensive thing to make us happy. As long as we share our faith, have each other, keep up with family and friends, and the chance to travel and explore, life will be good!

Life Is Great!


Welcome to Reindeer Games! With the last name of Rudolph, recent retirement, and a passion to play outdoors our goal is to share our adventures with you through this blog. Glenn and I (Barb) are hitting the road in our F350 dulley and Alpine 3900 fifth wheel. The plan is to travel North America, live the simple life, ride our bicycles, hike, explore, spend time with family, make new friends and share our stories with you!

Let the Adventures Begin